Thursday, 7 January 2016

Big Dream, Little Me!


My Dreams & My Goals :)

Everyone has their own dreams and their own goals for what they want to achieve in life.  
I am one of those people that dream big and maybe a little too big heee.. 
I am strong believer that dreams do not come true by accident. In order to make our dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-displin and effort. 

My dreams are to go full adventure mode on life, filled with passion, joy and happiness! 
I want to be fearless. I want to show people the amazing and beautiful things I see. I want to motivate people to be the best of who they are, this could also make my life easier. I want to help them appreciate what they have. I want to appreciate what I have. I want to be a good woman to my man. I want to cheering my man up and comforting him. I will support him in the way he needs to be supported. I want to make him proud. My real goal is to bring light into his life, to be the yin to his yang :)= My other dream is to help people. I want to understand people, life and everything. I want everyone to be happy.  I want to be a successful entrepreneur. Last but not least, I want to be a successful writer. I don't need to be a bestselling author, but if only one person loved something I wrote, that would be satisfaction enough hueee. Anyway, you are the creator of your dreams. Actually you are only person in the world who is qualified to do this job. It doesn't matter how bad things are or how  far fetched the dream appears compared to where are you right now, never stop dreaming and believing okay! Best of luck to all!!

I am a blogger. 
I like coding and javascript. I want to be a white hat hacker (good hacker). 
I like taking pictures. I want to be a pro photographer.
I love musics. I have dream to become a dubstep Dj huee...
I love foods and cooking! I'm dreaming to open my own restaurant and be a chef.
I really love reading and books. One day I hope to have my own home library.
I like gardening and planting. Status : Work in progress :)-
Sometimes i play dota 2. I dream to become a pro dota 2 gamer, got my own dota 2 team and win in every game tournaments. Starting with amateur tournaments before recruited by a professional league until hard core dota 2 tournament. Then, win in numerous events and known as a successful gamer in the worldd..oppss enough dreaming!! hahaaha this one dream is really blahhh blah blah toink-toink! Enough for me and back to reality hihi.

This is messy me.
 I am dream chaser. That means I chase my dream and no one else's, only I can defeat me. It's me against myself. There is no loosing..I will not lose...wish me luck!!.tadaaaaaa..

Thank you for reading!! :)

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