Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Contact Lens Irritation ;)=

Wednesday 20/4/2016

Let Me Take A Selfie!! 

I've been a contact lens wearer for many years and never had a problem, until this two weeks. My one eye kept ejecting the lens. It felt like there was something in my eye and I had to rinse out my lens but that just didn't work. I always gets itchy eyelid on one eye only. If I take out the lenses, I still have the irritation for a few minutes before it gets better. With glasses I am completely fine. Yeaaah fine. I switching to glasses for a day or two then tried contacts again but that one eye still had a red issue 🙈. Sometimes, both of my eyes become red and feel all sore. Need to tell this, during my vacation in Thailand last week, I haven't had 1 single day where I wake up and my eyes seems fine. huhu. So I kept glasses and kept trying out the contacts but nothing was making it better. Anyway cheers!! I had a superb vacation-Songkran! Thanks to my boss and my team.! And here I am now again unable to wear contact lenses w/o serious irritation in just one eye. Okay wish everything will be fine. Close my eyes and I count to ten. Hope it's over when I open them henhenhen... :D

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