Sunday, 12 October 2008

KIAMAT??.....21 December 2012..>Ish3

Well apparently december 21, 2012 will be the end of the world. According to the mayan calendar, their calendar stops dead right on this date - and they predicted it to be doomsday. It is said that on this day all the planets will be in perfect allignment with each other, and there will be a massive gravitational force in the centre of our galaxy which could cause damage to earth. However, with this the earth is also scheduled to experience a massive " earth wobble ", which could completely shake up the positioning of the poles on our planet which could mean the official end of our world.

Nostradamus predicted that on this date, a massive asteroid would hit our planet and could leave a deadly impact. The chinese holy book says something along the same lines as the mayan: "on this day, it will be the end of history", albert einstein predicted that on this date the earth will experience a major pole-shift. Many other religions and people have predicted deadly events occuring on this date, many of which conclude that this date will truly be the end of the world.

Nasa has predicted major increase in solar storms as well for this date.

There seems to be a lot of controversy on this topic, and many people don't want to believe this. But can soo many people and soo many religions be wrong? Is this just a hoax, or is our world really coming to an end?



We speak to you now
As ones, who like you,
Are much younger than
The Mountains

Sustained by the same Water
And the same Sun
And both blessed to be
In this place of wonder,
We have been asked to tell you
To share and celebrate
This Garden with your kind

The Bear brings you power,
The Deer, protection
We, the Trees, standing silently
In witness, give you trust

The Water comes and goes
The Animals are busy
On their own paths
The Mountains, well,
They have other things to do,
Communing with the very forces
That created the face
Of this Earth

We speak to you now as ones
Whose lives come and go,
Much like yours.
You, however, are affecting
How this Garden grows
And that is why we seek
Your attention



Will everything really come to an end???...>>>GOD power<<<<..
Nothing will be important if each and every one of us will have a real person to turn to. In a world ruled by adultery, lessons like “don`t trust anyone” and fraud as a natural thing, we will be more worried how to save ourselves that how to save ourselves as human kind.^_^..puji tuhan....amen


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