Thursday, 6 September 2012

He makes me Smile :)


 He’s not mine!! but yeah... he makes me feel mhuahhaahaha ahacks!! :)~Some say smiling, like yawning is Contagious!!! (penyakit yang paling pantas sekali merebak atau berjangkit kat dunia la ni..hehe) Have you ever tried smiling at someone crossing your path, while walking along the street? Or have you smiled back at someone whom you’ve never met before? Whether you know that person or not, the tendency is that they will smile back.... (x caya sudah..:)= So, whatever the reason why you’re doing it, just go ahead and spread the happy bug! And even if the people you smile at don’t return it, just keep on doing it..because smiling lifts the spirits and keeps you young or awet muda..tak nak keww?? hehe...Anyway his smile is infectious, his laugh is contagious, and his constantly bla bla bla mmmm...I always want to see your smile babeh heeee .... :)=

xoxo lyn..

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