Friday, 25 March 2011

Me now


feelings are really hard to communicate..!
i wish i could..bla..bla...if i could bla..bla.......... i | (@^t!. [SIGH...]:

i think
It's okay to eat fish because they don't have any feelings... so--don't ever play with others heart because they are not fish :S

(I love tuna fish and i'm not a player but i know how to play the game..but everything changed--now i'm the game, however i'm grateful because i can feel the i won't let you to do the same if you not ready enough to pretend-strong.. but just remember don't blame yourself and anyone else..Pray and asking God for forgiveness.. Everything is God's plan and just believe that everything happens for a reason!! :)=



Unknown said...

whatever pain you are going through, i pray you'll be strong to overcome it. after the storm, there's always a rainbow :D

Aciapai said...

Thanks for encouraging words, my friend!.... Friends are like rainbows, they brighten your life after the, you are the one of my rainbow, Jamiey..:))

*however i still love the sun--my sun, because i can see the light through it and make my day shining ....(uhh i'm sunburned!!!)*@_

Unknown said...

My pleasure, aciapai. Im glad to be the rainbow, but I pray for your sun to be with you always :D so that you'll be happy all the time.


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