Thursday, 31 March 2011

I love abstract thing!

Hello my rainbows!!

Do you think in a abstract way? I do..Maybe that is why I love art--Full of questions, doubts and finding answers :D... Most people see things in life as just what they see (well,different people see different things :P) but i have always seen everything in abstract way. I love to analyze things and i love people who knows what i am thinking:) .Sometimes that is good and sometimes it is bad to me and sometimes i also feel lucky that I can think that way:X.... I enjoy it. It sure makes life interesting ^_*

 positive and negative are directions so which direction do you choose?
 Think big n' believe!
We are tidak sama but apa kisah We are semua Thinkers what! hehe

see this!
do you see what i see....? -0_0-

 it's not just a broken mind. To me it is about knowledge(explodes)..., about how we see the world, see the maps, how we control science in life, love in the ear and many things. It's also can make me feeling blue btw hehe (i don't know why just feeling:) ok, I don't want to bla...bla..bla..anymore. I'll let you see this abstract picture and thing by urself. Mind is yours :P
still blurr??? just keep your mind wide open then u can see what i have seen...:) 
this is my header image..i just wanna tell you all that i'm not heartbroken like that little girl ( i was but life must go on & i will not give up:) ....just think like the way i'm thinking then you'll know the meaning of this image to me...hehehe don't hard thinking kawan...feel the image and think...positive thinking..:)


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