Wednesday, 14 November 2012


In many ways, Mars is very similar to Earth.....and here on earth, this entry is........(g_'g)

"I'm in a weird place right now. On one hand I am happy to be on my own. On the other hand I am in serious need of some company. I'm at a point in life where almost everybody has somebody and I'm left alone. Sometimes sheer loneliness makes me feel like running back to the other person but I know it is wrong. That is a short term solution, one that I know will lead to nowhere. I've not been alone for a long time and I've forgotten what it's like to be content with my own company. I shouldn't depend on anyone for my own happiness; that is something I know. But it is something which i find hard/don't quite know how to apply to myself. 

It made me think of the people I meet in life. The ones who walk in and are there to stay. The ones that walk in and then walk out, they either break your heart or make you sigh with relief. The ones who pass by and you didn't bother to get to know them, and you miss out on the chance of enriching your life. I opened up to 3 people recently: I walked out on one as fast as I walked in, one walked out on me and broke my heart, one was a friend from the past whom I have dearly missed. 

I also took a step back and evaluated the people in my life. I put them into 2 easy categories: those who are there through thick and thin and those who are there for the good times only. The former I'm going to keep like treasured gold, the latter.. well. Not a priority. Then I thought about you. Maybe you're already in my life but the time is not right yet. Or maybe you're someone I have yet to meet. Whoever you are, take your time. I am in no rush. I need this time to spend with myself, to find myself and to build a solid character. Hopefully when our paths finally cross, I will be a person worthy of you. 

Til then, live well." ~~

Amazing entry by my dear cousin, "Bungai Terong" ( It sounded a little similar/verysimilar to my situation so I thought re-post je la... :D love you kazeen~)

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