Wednesday, 14 December 2011

KFC Online Voucher!!

Mari Print, beli paling murah & Redeem...:)=

KFC want to reward all their followers with the online voucher which can redeem a free Double Zinger Burger Combo with any purchase. This is a limited time offer until stocks last. Only printed color and b/w (black n white) accepted for redemption.
Promotion is NOT valid during Public Holiday.
It’s valid until 15th January 2012.

Sales: from 14-12-2011 to 15-1-2012 (while stocks last)
Venue: All KFC outlet in Malaysia

 Print it here : KFC Free Double Zinger Burger Combo Online Voucher 
(macam x percaya je KFC punye marketing ni..imagine just beli satu bun kecik kfc or koslow then redeem a free burger combo gedabak..memang kenyang sampai lebam la jawabnye..Smart juga la KFC punya financial planning--ye keww??--fikir sendiri..@_@)

selamat makan.!


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Anonymous said...

Sekali kena tarik balekkk daaa.


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