Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I love this!

Dear Madeline

This is a poem for you coming from the UK.

Peaceful are the words that you speak everday.

Beautiful is your face in every kind of way.

My love is always here for you please do not delay.

Without you in my arms, its like i am living in prison.

Without looking into your eyes , i have no vision.

In the whole earth it is you that i am missing.

You are the one i want , it is you i want to be kissing.

Don't be scared just relax and listen

I would hold you so tight and never let you go

We both would create so much love that it would glow

My love for you is too much let the whole world know

Your smile is like the most beautiful flower

You in my mind every minute every hour

When i look at you in the morning i am filled with power

I know that you are one of God's special creation

I do not care if you are white , black or asian

I will pick you up and we would start a relation

"A poem a day as i promised : )" AKSAQI-^_^..

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