Saturday, 2 October 2010

Musim Final Exam bermula...

Final Exam: 4 Oct 2010----16 Oct 2010

I would like to express my appreciation to all my lecturers 4 this semester-:

  • Noreffendy Mohamed 
  • Pn.Fatimatul Hasanah Lehan 
  • Cik Siti Aisyah 
  • Puan Masniza Supar 
  • Mr.Amir Nur Ikhwan Amernudin 
  • Mr.Khairul Anuar Rezo..

Thanks(in advance) for everything you all hv done!! and i'm sorry for any mistakes i did & halalkan plajaran saye yea madam/sir....May God bless you all always in all ways!!amen....

 to ALL MSU Students: I wish you all the best for your final exam!!..chayyok!!

i'll stop blogging 4 a while..c uols afta exam..okies..tada..Gud luck all...


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