Monday, 9 February 2009


She is the best girl

More precious than any pearl
She dont need money
She needs a guy thats funny
She never wants a gift
She wants a guy who can give her soul a lift
She is just the perfect one
You get her and your life is done
She is kind, beautiful and hot
She never cares about the car you got
She loves the real you
She loves your soul
After writing all this
I am sorry to say this
She just played me
She is not pearl
She is the bad girl
Damn man i got played!

*senyum2 tym baca love poem nih...hahahahaha..funny lol..^_^oppss..sorry..and jgn tension wahai sang jejaka2 yg tgh kecewa+:(++++*..there more pearl like girls in da sea...okies:)



rinryn said...

hahahahha..lucu siot..
cam mau bg sum1 jak nyok..
u knw spa ia ...ahackz

Aciapai said...


tp ukai la utk org ke kala dsayau ke aku..hehehe..nemu2 ja la..:)


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